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Hot Jingle Player 1.1

This is an audio player that handles up to 26 audio files at the same time
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Hot Jingle Player is an audio player that was especially designed for DJs and other sound professionals. It comes as a tool that is able to play up to 26 audio files at the same time. Radio professionals can use it to play jingles and advertisements while avoiding delays. This program runs well on any Windows version and doesn't need a great deal of system resources.

Hot Jingle Player supports only four popular audio formats, as follows: MP3, OGG, WAV, and WMA. It comes as a free program, but this doesn't mean that it can be considered efficient or reliable. During my testing, Hot Jingle Player proved to be quite faulty. First off, when installing this program, you are also offered to install a lot of other useless programs. It is quite time consuming to select the “Don’t install” option for each of them.

The thing that disappointed me the most is the application’s lack of settings. It is the first program doesn't come with any configuration options. Moreover, it lacks a help manual. Usually, it is found online, on the developer’s website, yet it is not the case of Hot Jingle Player. I should also mention that Hot Jingle Player crashed several times while playing a song.

I don’t recommend you this program. You should browse the Internet as a lot of other free and powerful audio players are available.

Margie Smeer
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Review summary


  • It can simultaneously play up to 26 sounds
  • Supports popular audio formats
  • It is useful for radio DJs


  • Attempts to install unnecessary software
  • It comes with no settings
  • It crashed while playing a song
  • No help manual available
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