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Hot Jingle Player 1.0

Hot Jingle Player is an aid for DJ's and people that have to deal with sounds
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Hot Jingle Player is an aid for DJ's and people that have to deal with sounds. There are many DJ applications out there. Most of them resemble the DJ table with the discs spinning and buttons everywhere. Hot Jingle player is designed for a whole different purpose. It can help you out if you need to play DJ once in a while, but it is not your everyday DJ application. Hot Jingle Player has several slots in which you can add songs, music, or even sounds. Each one of them has a hotkey assigned to them. When you want to play one, simply hit its hotkey and the sound will play. You can even play every sound at once. Radio shows usually do this. They play sounds when the speaker is talking for humor. Also, you can add certain effects to those songs. Every slot has a fade in and fade out button. A fade out button will decrease the volume of a sound so that when you add fade in to another song both can connect without producing an awkward silence in between. The main rule of DJs is to never have silence. The application isn't free, but they have a good demo that shows most of the features.

José Fernández
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  • Simple but efficient interface.
  • 30 slots for songs and sounds


  • Lacking other features and effects
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